April 25th – 26th | Miami

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Welcome to the 1st Claims Management Summit in Latin America, to be held on 25th – 26th April 2017.

Make claims management a competitive advantage.

Latin America’s leading insurance companies are placing claims management at the centre of their business strategy, driving increasingly rapid developments in technology and responding to the expectations of a more demanding and informed customer base. Do not be left behind and make claims management your competitive advantage in 2017.

To do this, all you have to do is attend this summit. You will leave it knowing how to:

  • Develop an effective claims strategy, by finding the point of balance between customer service and claims rate, and management expenses
  • Detect fraud before the claim is paid
  • Reduce claims management costs
  • Prioritise claims that most require it and outperform your competitors in terms of quality customer service

Benefits of attending the Summit

  1. Understand the strategic value of effective claims management and your impact on the business, by listening to QBE‘s experience in Latin America
  2. Outperform your competitors by carrying out a professional management of claims, differentiating your value proposal, like AXA Seguros
  3. Stand out in customer service and achieve tangible improvements, increasing customer retention, like Liberty IU
  4. To see all the benefits, download the full agenda here.


"This Summit will help us to understand which way insurers are moving in search of streamlining processes and, therefore, being at the forefront of our customers’ needs.”

Chief Operating Officer, AIG Seguros México


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