April 25th – 26th | Miami

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Day One
Tuesday April 25th, 2017

Day Two
Wednesday April 26, 2017

Registration and welcome coffee

Insurance claims as a strategic business asset

Welcome and opening words from the master of ceremonies

Perspective of the CEO: The Strategic Value of Effective Claims Management and Operation


  • Understand what a CEO expects from the claims department and from the Claims Director
  • Discuss the key criteria for defining success from the perspective of the management
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges of inspiring and engaging future claims teams

Subscription and Claims: An Opportunity for Collaboration


  • Understand the often-neglected commercial value of claims
  • Discuss the role of the claims department within the organization and the company’s strategy
  • Understand the crossed functional impact between strategic claims management and business, and vice versa

Speed Networking


In this popular, effective and stimulating Speed Networking session, you have only two minutes in which to introduce yourself, exchange business cards and agree to meet later during one of the many other, classic networking sessions, befire the bell rings.

You will meet far more people than you would usually meet in a traditional networking session, guaranteed!

Coffee break and networking


Stay energized and take refreshment while networking with other attendees.

The Future in a Connected-Worlds from an Automotive Perspective



  • Understand how access to real-time data improves the claims process – from FNOL to closure
  • Examine how data collection is directly actionable immediately
  • See how behavior analysis and claims data can be used for predictive analytics and risk management for both insurers and policy-holders
  • Explore future scenarios where insurance telematics data can improve safety and enhance a connected lifestyle

Lunch and networking


Enjoy lunch and connect with other attendees during this long break.

Developing a customer-centric insurance claims strategy

Successfully stand out from the crowd in customer service


  • Acquire a consistently speedy service, certainty and better communication between all parties involved
  • Understand how the value chain can work together for the customer’s benefit
  • Focus not only on processes but also on outcomes to achieve tangible improvements and increase customer retention

The Impact of a Customer-Centric Strategy in Claims


  • Improve the policyholder´s perception and avoid a conflict with uncertainties
  • Take advantage of this event to achieve a closer bond with your customer and how to reassure policyholders after a claim
  • Demonstrate transparency throughout the claim settlement process.

Networking Coffee

Efficiently record claims data in your business

  • Ricardo Fú Chief Operating Officer, AIG Seguros Mexico


  • Create a more robust products and risks profile, connecting the fields of insurance claims, underwriting and actuarial practice.
  • Increase transparency and improve communication to avoid lawsuits at the end of the process
  • Define the measurable criteria that will help to improve claims handling and provide value to customers

Transform your insurance claims processes so they are competitive from underwriting and risk engineering


  • Familiarize yourself with the customer’s needs to improve the experience for both policy holders and beneficiaries
  • Understand insurance claims management as a differentiator in the value proposition and transform it from a back-office function to the centerpiece of your business
  • Undertake specialized management, by including in your value proposition multinational programs and a protective business concept

Increase Efficiency Through Collaboration and Early Resolution Opportunities


  • Explore the relationship between insurers, brokers and outside counsel as they work together to enhance the efficient delivery of legal services
  • Understand the foundational elements of the relationship to develop innovative collaboration strategies
  • Learn the opportunities to increase the success of early resolution, and considerations for process improvement

Closing thoughts from the chairman and end of day one